CASCA Journal is a periodical publication issuing scientific papers, reviews, critiques and reports characterized by interdisciplinary approach to the fields of social sciences, humanities and art. The aim of the journal is to cover a wide spectrum of themes and critical analyses cutting across numerous theoretical and disciplinary boundaries. It has a distinct international character since it contains texts by authors from various countries which, combined with its interdisciplinary approach, establishes the journal as a unique publication in the South Eastern region of Europe. The journal is published yearly in electronic form, and it has been initiated as a part of publishing activities of the Belgrade’s Center for Alternative Social and Cultural Activities, in cooperation with numerous experts and academics from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey. It contains contributions by competent authors, while putting strong emphasis on affirmation of young researchers coming from a diverse set of disciplines contained within the domain of social sciences, humanities and art. CASCA Journal is available free of charge on this website.

Founders: Novak Malešević, Karla Lebhaft, Kristijan Obšust and Dušan Miletić